About “Rooting & Grounding”

“Rooting & Grounding” (by Livia Marques) was a first study about the relationships between human beings and natural environment. I developed  this concept during the workshop with Geraldine Pilgrim. As soon as I found the possible locations in the park of Villa Nappi I took the choice to focus on the roots and the ground. Roots and ground are different kind of supports that let us move. The structure was based in 5 different images and in a roving path around the park. Some images were still others in movement. I would like to thanks Giulia, Amelia, Anna, Serena and Maria to perform in this project.

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4 pensieri su “About “Rooting & Grounding”

  1. Ciao Livia! Have you seen the performance that Aydin Teker has created in 2009 with the participant to IFA? your pictures really remind me of it!
    this is the video, if you want to have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lmXBm1TyqA
    (the music was put after…during the performance you could only heard the breathing of the performers and the wind).

    • ifa7livia in ha detto:

      Ciao Caterina,
      thanks for your link.. I’ve seen friends performing there actually I didn’t know they were here before in Ifa.. The video is interesting… Inspiring trees in the park of Villa Nappi..

  2. Rê Fernandes in ha detto:

    Ciao Livia, continue com seu trabalho , vá em frente, quero ver voc~e com sua trupe aqui no Brasil Quem sabe espetáculos no Jardim Botânico que tem feito muitas coisas nesta área. Ou talvez no Parque Lage, ou mesmo no MAM. pARABÉNS! Baci! Rê


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